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Andrea's in an award-winning short film! 
With a bit of an absence in on-camera work, Andrea ventured back in front of the camera this year with her work as Carol in the short film, Creme Brulee the Movie.  Written and produced by Judi "JP" Price, the film is a fun romantic comedy romp about a woman desperately trying to prove her worthiness to her partner. 
Award:  Audience Favorite at Place Called Sacramento Film Festival 2019 
Andrea is also choreographing "Curious George and The Golden Meatball" at the Woodland Opera House. Opening TBD (postponed due to COVID-19). This fall, she is slated to direct and choreograph Elf: The Musical at the Woodland Opera House. Look for information about auditions soon! 
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Andrea St. Clair (Judy) immediately captures your heart with her delicate nature, but blows you away with her powerhouse voice."


Lauren Luedtke / - 9 to 5: The Musical, 2013

Photo Credit: Barry Wisdom, Collage By: Matt Dunn

Andrea St. Clair (Judy) immediately captures your heart with her delicate nature, but blows you away with her powerhouse voice.

Lauren Luedtke / - 9 to 5: The Musical, 2013


Andrea St. Clair shines as Lilli, Fred's ex-wife and co-star...St. Clair sings a cleverly staged and comically performed "I Hate Men." The actress has a strong presence and personality throughout the show, and her show-stopping voice deserves the greatest praise imaginable.


Harmony Wheeler / - Kiss Me, Kate, 2012


Maise, one of the English girl friends and played by Andrea St. Clair, sings "Safety in Numbers" with the ensemble of boy friends and really gets to let her voice soar to the operatic. St. Clair can hit the back row particularly in this intimate theater.


Cindy Warner / - The Boy Friend, 2014

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What They Are Saying



The beautifully full-voiced St. Clair takes on “Life Story” and “Patterns,” about disappointed women. Act Two’s “Three Friends” with Adorno, St. Clair and Heitman, and “Fandango” with the lush robust voice of Lee and St. Clair, have sparks of ingenuity.


Marcus Crowder / Sacramento Bee -Closer Than Ever, 2014


Then we have a phenomenal Andrea St. Clair (Judy). From the moment St. Clair steps on stage in the opening number I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about her. She brought a great innocence to the role that made her “I am woman, hear me roar” moments all the more effective. St. Clair’s vocals alone were enough to make the Dolly Parton music make my spine tingle. Her vocals were top-notch in the Act 2 11 0’ clock number, “Get Out and Stay Out.” This song comes at a very vulnerable, make-or-break moment for Judy, and St. Clair has no problem showing that on stage and laying it all out there.


Marc Gonzales / The Road to 1,000 - 9 to 5: The Musical, 2013


Andrea St. Clair is Judy Denmark, a housewife and mother, who freely admits she has no talent whatsoever except to be mother to little Tina, a child just like Baby June in “Gypsy,” with her bobbing curls and militantly adorable smile. St. Clair, making her STC debut, is no slouch in the talent department either, continuing to display her considerable talents while professing to have no talent whatsoever.


Bev Sykes / The Davis Enterprise - Ruthless! The Musical, 2012

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